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Leadership & Management

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Current research reveals that Northern Ireland companies lag their GB counterparts in leadership and management development by 40% and their foreign counterparts by much more.

Steven is experienced in the analysis of SMEs current performance and gaining access for their owners and managers to grant-aided programmes (e.g. MAP, MLDP) in this key area of effectiveness. These offer companies the opportunity to help their leaders and managers work SMARTer. Every £1 invested in mangement development offers a return of up to £4, twice that of the investment in equipment or additional staff.

A Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and Chartered Management Institute, Steven has line-managed teams up to 140 in size and directed operations for multi-disciplinary operations involving up to 1600 personnel. He is experienced in conducting analysis of leadership and management needs, coaching managers and supervisors at all levels and developing their effectiveness as leaders and managers.