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Leadership & Management Consultancy

Irrespective of background or aims, every organisation is now also a business, reliant on revenue to maintain its viability and the jobs of people working in them.  The common business challenge is to develop, sustain and grow; and people are at the centre of this challenge – be they leaders,[…]

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Remote learning

Many people now find Remote and eLearning to be a more flexible means of learning that they can undertake in line with other their work commitments.  However, research shows that online learning (E-Learning), conducted as part of a webinar or with the assistance of a mentor (Remote Learning) to be[…]

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GDPR/Data Protection/Data Protection Officer

Today’s clients expect their data to be protected by a business, irrespective of size.  The consequences of poor data security cannot just ruin a business’ reputation but also financially affect its operating ability.  Liability now lies not just with a company, but also at a personal level with its Directors,[…]

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Worldhost Programmes

The customer experience is paramount to business success and sustainability irrespective of sector.  The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the consumer experience with many having to adapt how, when and where they shop.  However, people are still shopping and service, even online, is a major factor in[…]

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People/HR Consultancy

Research states that 80% of problems in any business are people-related and predominantly occupy the majority of many managers time.  Change is no longer a periodic event but has become a constant in today’s business world, often introducing churn in an organisation.  Our accredited consultants have hands-on experience directly leading[…]

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Business Improvement

Steven and his associates can work with a company to improve their business strategy and planning. He has significant experience improving corporate business planning, performance management, leadership and management. Steven was awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service for his work on corporate planning and performance management. nterested? Try this[…]

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Our Operating Philosophy

Our goal is to enable businesses to prevent people problems and thereby develop and effective organisation.
Our philosophy is to operate collaboratively with our clients. This recognises that:
• Change is no longer a stand-alone process that occurs intermittently: it is now an integral, constantly changing, element of not just business but also life;
• Every organisation must have at its heart an effective business, capable of sustaining itself and achieving its goals and targets;
• People form the skeleton and muscles of any organisation, focusing their common knowledge and skills on achieving the aim, goals and targets of the organisation;
• In order to enable any process that involves people, both consultant and client must hold common values;
• Competency and capability can best be achieved by personal development, relevant experience and sharing best practice;
• Expertise must be concentrated rather than thinly spread: we generally constrain ourselves to a maximum of 6 contracts at any time;
• Feedback is a constructive tool, informing rather than constraining positive action


  • Principles of Customer Care (Online)

    I found the blended approach to the programme to be very easy to use, it was flexible highly relevant and was tailored to my needs. The learning was very easy to apply in the workplace and covered all of the important areas around; customer needs and expectations, first & lasting impressions and communications. The trainer was excellent; he was patient, thoughtful, and knowledgeable and focused on the job in hand. I highly recommend this programme for either; first timers or experienced exponents looking for a refresher

    WorldHost2020 (Keeping customers safe)

    This course explored the key changes we might encounter on a day-to-day basis and focused on three key aspects: the working environment, people’s behavioural changes and health, safety and hygiene. It helped to provide a simple understanding of these aspects and highlighted what I will need to adapt to help support my customers’ ever-changing needs and expectations. Whilst the issues are complex, the online course simplified what I need to do. I would highly recommend this for all employees who need to deal with the effects of COVID-19.

    Gerry Faloona –
  • Their work is extremely comprehensive and has been beneficial to a growing business. Steven guided us in the right direction and his support provided us with an in-depth strategic approach to help develop our business.

    Danielle McAleese – Director, Elle Enterprises (NI) Ltd
  • Steven assessed Trackars strengths, weaknesses and potential across a range of areas. He remained steadfast and diligent throughout what appeared initially as an exhaustive process but was enjoyed by all team members and some stakeholders.

    Patricia Casement – Trackars Healthcare, Homecare & Residential Solutions

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