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This course is designed to raise people’s awareness of Data Security (some may use the term cyber-security), their responsibilities and the impact on an organisation in an age when data has become a high value commodity and remote/home working a more common form of employment. Of course, the value of this commodity has not been overlooked by criminals who will exploit it by:

  • gaining illegal access to data to exploit or share it with others; or
  • denying the legal custodian use of the data for its specified purpose/s.

You will notice that I have used the term “custodian” rather than owner: this is because simply put, the owner is the data subject, or person to whom the data relates. I like to highlight this important distinction to organisations and people gathering data using the catchphrase –

“Their Data, Your Responsibility

The programme will cover:

  • Background
  • Initial Review of Knowledge
  • Introduction
  • Responsibilities
  • Summary
  • Review of Learning

Delegates will have to pass the Review of Learning to obtain a Certificate of Completion. Delegates will have to attain a score of 80% by answering 12 multiple choice/short questions. Each delegate will have 15 minutes to complete the Review and two attempts: they can refer to any notes they have taken during the programme. Successful delegates will receive an electronic certificate but can also purchase aid-memoir Z-cards.

Options exist to support unsuccessful delegates with personal mentoring/coaching before they undertake further attempts, for an additional fee, to pass the Review in the form of:

  • A One-to-One mentoring session with a Consultant lasting a maximum of 30 minutes before undertaking the Review; or
  • Re-enrolment to re-take the Review without prior support.

Please make notes as you progress through as it will embed the learning and help you successfully undertake the assessment at the end of the course.

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