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Remote and eLearning

We believe that training and knowledge sharing should not be restricted to one fixed delivery mechanism.  Different people may have differing preferred learning styles which may change depending on the nature of the learning and complexity of the subject matter.

Therefore, we work with clients to offer a tailored delivery strategy which is effective for both the organisation and its staff using a blend of face-to-face, webinars, seminars, workshops and online learning modules.


Introduction to GDPR/Data Protection Training

An introduction to CyberSecurity & Data Protection for Organisations


Data Protection – Annual Certification – People

Mandatory Annual Certification of Data Protection training for people (workers. members and volunteers) in an organisation


Data Protection – Annual Certification for Owners, Directors & Senior Managers

Mandatory Annual Certification for owners. Directors and Senior Managers in Data Protection in accordance with GDPR


Data Security Awareness – People

This certified course educates people in their responsibilities for data protection, irrespective of organisation and sector, after implementation of GDPR & Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018. In specialised roles, they will require additional specific training to meet their responsibilities.


Data Security Awareness – Owners/Senior Leadership Team

A certified course that educates Owners and members of their Senior Leadership Team (SLT) or Managers in their responsibilities for data protection after implementation of GDPR and Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018. It applies to organisations of any size in any sector.

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