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Data Protection – Annual Update – Senior Leadership Team


An e-learning programme designed for SLT members, designed to annually update them  in Data Protection and meet the education requirements set under GDPR.

It is designed for delivery within 30 minutes with an additional 15 minutes for the Review of learning: successful delegates received a Certificate of Successful Completion.  Delegates receive 2 attempts at the Review before they must re-enrol for another Programme or can book a coaching/mentoring session with a consultant.

Alternatively it can be arranged for a consultant to deliver the programme as a mentored workshop to a group of 1-6 delegates, offering the opportunity for questions during the workshop.



A crucial step in demonstrating compliance with GDPR by your organisation: a core element of the 7th Principle – Accountability.  This e-learning programme reinforces the learning that your SLT received in data protection and reminds them of key responsibilities, policies and processes they should be driving in their organisation.


Delegates have their competence confirmed with a review of learning on conclusion of the programme.


The programme is designed to last approximately 30 minutes with a further 15 minutes for the Review.

Multiple Delegates

A discount can be obtained for enrolments of more than 5 delegates from a single organisation.

Webinar Delivery

This programme can be delivered by webinar with a consultant mentoring delegates and answering their questions during the session at an additional cost: webinars can be arranged for 1-6 delegates.