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Data Security Awareness (People)


Data Security Awareness training for people in an organisation: the first necessary step in any organisation’s compliance with GDPR.  It is also the foundation stone upon which people can build their learning and understand their responsibilities when face with processing data on a daily basis.

Knowledge is confirmed with an initial review and understanding of the programme is confirmed with a Final review of Learning (2 attempts permitted).  Successful delegates receive an electronic Certificate of Completion.  Additional coaching modules or webinars can be purchased after completion of the e-learning module to support delegates.


“Their Data, Your Responsibility”

Why Do We need Data Security Awareness Training?

Data/Cyber Security has become a key operating focus for many of today’s organisations: getting it wrong can mean losing your business.  GDPR, introduced in 2018 together with DPA 2018, introduced, in its 7th Principle, a legal requirement for Accountability and, as part of that accountability,  education for people handling data in any organisation irrespective of size or sector.  Not just hardware, but also policies and processes, must have protection designed into them by default.

Covid-19 has introduced a level of home-, and remote-, working hitherto unseen.  It has introduced challenges to data protection that were not considered in the parallel conventional working environment.  Data is being communicated across many more channels, an at different levels, than previously routinely used.  People are using the internet and telephone systems to conduct conferences during which data is exchanged; emails and notes follow to confirm data; amendments are discussed and data updated to reflect consensus; printed putout is being handled outside that conventional office setting which had physical isolation from the worker’s home environment.


This e-learning programme is the first step in Raising Awareness amongst those handling data of their responsibilities before more specific learning is undertaken.   A firm foundation of knowledge in data protection makes further learning much more resilient and can ensure that people make much more informed decisions over how they process data in differing environments without increasing risk to the organisation and less exposure to significant fines, criminal and civil actions against not just the organisation but also its Directors and Managers.  It demonstrates Accountability to the Regulator, Information Commissioner’s Office, with certification if successfully completed.


A short coaching module can be purchased if necessary for those who are visual learners with the session led by our Certified GDPR Practitioner.


This e-learning programme should last no more than one hour.

Multiple Enrolments

Discounts are available for enrolments of five or more delegates: please contact us before enrolment to discuss the necessary invoicing arrangements.