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GDPR/Data Protection/Data Protection Officer

Today’s clients expect their data to be protected by a business, irrespective of size.  The consequences of poor data security cannot just ruin a business’ reputation but also financially affect its operating ability.  Liability now lies not just with a company, but also at a personal level with its Directors, managers and people – and not just at criminal level – to ensure everyone is trained.  GDPR affects organisations on a global basis, with equally global consequences for their balance sheets: the recent “administrative” fine of £183,000,000 on British Airways by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office for a data breach in 2018 involving 380 000 customers is just one example.  This is a step up from the maximum fine of £500 000 that could be imposed under previous legislation but, at 1.8% of global turnover, still short of the maximum 4% of global turnover that could have been imposed.  This enforcement action was followed by a fine on Marriot Hotels of £99 000 000 for a data breach of their hotel bookings system. The potential for a class action by those affected is yet to be seen and there is no ceiling on the consequential damages that could be awarded for material/non-material loss and distress.  At the lower-end, enforcement action against organisations and individualscontinues in the courts with outcomes including criminal records, imprisonment, fines and victim surcharges: some Directors have been fined over £80 000.  Once again, they could be subsequently subject to personal injury claims with unlimited ceilings.

Covid-19 has demonstrated that today’s businesses must be able to work as hybrids, both on-site and remotely.  This environment provides its own security challenges – physical, human and systemic.  Some organisations have quickly bridged the technical gap of remote-working but not considered their full responsibilities under GDPR;and could face enforcement action with multimillion £ fines.  We can also cover the responsibilities that come with surveillance technology in or outside your premises.

We can offer Data Protection Officer services to your organisation.

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Our Remote Learning programmes: these can be delivered as webinars by one of our consultants or self-taught, complying with the GDPR requirement for initial or continuation training needs.