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Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Our programmes are designed to meet your needs, general and/or specific, whether they be in manufacturing, production, wholesale, retail, office or home-based working environments.  Our consultants have experience producing risk assessments and management action plans, be they for high-risk chemical manufacturing environments or that innocuous mixed office/retail location.

Health & Safety, is a critical business function can make or break a business – small or large.  Our principal consultant in this area has over 30 years’ experience working with multi-nationals to develop collaborative solutions for organisations working in sectors ranging from hazardous chemical to high-profile retail environments, each with their own unique challenges.

Covid-19 has added a factor to every working environment, complicating those all-important risk assessments and the working procedures designed to minimise risk to worker, client and visitor.  Let us use our experience to help you come up with the solution that best fits your environment and reassures all.

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Just when you think that you have covered all risks, then the unexpected occurs but be reassured. Our consultants have worked in some of the highest risk environments – manufacturing and counter-terrorist.  We can advise you on appropriate business continuity plans and emergency procedures to reduce the risk and best safeguard your people and assets.  We can also provide customised training to your people including that of conflict management training to C&G 1884 standard and/or emergency procedures.

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