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We provide a wide range of services in the professional services market. Always working closely with our clients.

People/HR Consultancy

Research states that 80% of problems in any business are people-related and predominantly occupy the majority of many managers time.  Change is no longer a periodic event but has become a constant in today’s business world, often introducing churn in an organisation.  Our accredited consultants have hands-on experience directly leading teams of people up to 140 and managing teams of over 1200 in multi-agency operations in the most stressful of situations and through transformation programmes.  As one of the first Chartered Managers (and Fellow) in CMI and over 20 years of CIPD membership, we have demonstrated their effectiveness for external validation.  We can work with your team/s to:

  • Advise on each stage of the people journey in an organisation from onboarding to departure.;
  • Develop solutions at both strategic and operational levels;
  • Amending existing operating procedures to produce contemporary policies and operating methods that enhance organisational effectiveness;
  • Utilise of globally-accredited analytical tools e.g. Everything DiSC®, Meyers-Brigg, Five Behaviours of Cohesive Team to develop more effective leaders, managers, teams and focused sales teams;
  • Formulate an integrated communications plan that engages people at all level either delivering or contributing to the overall objective;
  • Train/Advise managers to operate within existing legislative frameworks.

Let us help you prevent people problems before they occur and, when they do so, facilitate their solution with minimum impact on the organisation.